Removal of clutches in the veins (cardiac surgery unnecessary)

If cardiac arteries or veins are narrowed or clogged in the brain, one cup of this drink should be consumed daily ( made from 30 heads of purified garlic and 5 finely chopped lemon with coral).

Beverage Preparation Procedure:

  1. All ingredients should be finely chopped into the blender. Add 1 liter of water and let it boil once.
  2. Scrub and pour into the bottle
  3. Keep it cool
  4. Drink one cup per day according to your wishes (before or after the main meal)

As promised by supporters of this drink, after 3 weeks of everyday use, a pleasant youthful recovery of the whole body is observed. Attacks and side effects, for example in sight and hearing, are retreated and slowly disappearing.

2017-09-22 08.06.16

After 3 weeks of therapy, a break of 8 days should be made. After a pause, start the second 3 weeks therapy. Only in this way can, the effect of therapy will be achieved.

This cheap, healing, harmless and effective therapy can be repeated every year. The unpleasant smell of garlic disappears, and the effect of garlic and lemon has been recognized. People who have suffered all illnesses with clogged veins, or similar can sleep peacefully again.

A person can skip the planned heart surgery because the blood fats and clutches in the veins are removed.

This beverage can also be used in paradentosis.


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