Krupa on Vrbasu-an ideal place for a weekend break

Situated on the main road M-16, 25 km south of the city of Banja Luka, the Krupa na Vrbasu resort has become recognizable in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the entity of Republika Srpska, and in the region and wider, due to beautiful natural waterfalls and old waterfalls, which are still in function.

2017-09-28 13.28.32

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There is traditionally art colony which is helding over here, where artists from all over the world are present. Beautiful nature and environment is the most important motive of artists to create their masterpieces. This resort is an ideal place for a weekend break, or longer stay. You’ll not regret, if you just come in visit and stay for a short time. Krupa on Vrbas (the river Vrbas) is located between the two gorge, at the place where the river Vrbas leaves the canyon and enters the Krupsko field. On the left side is the river Krupa.

2017-09-28 13.31.17

Hand made flour from the Krupa’s watermills. Millers do everything manually, but this craft slowly disappears.

2017-09-28 13.32.23

2017-09-28 13.32.29

2017-09-28 13.35.24

The miller rests in front of his well, where his is doing all jobs manually.

There is the Orthodox monastery of Sv. Ilija “Krupa” (dates from 1289), in the vicinity is Strikina cave, waterfalls, mills and the source of the river Krupa, the church of the log cabin (from the 16th century) and the medieval fortress called Greben (dates from 1192). All tourist spots in Krupa are connected by footpaths. The Stone Bridge (known as the Girl’s Bridge) is located here as well, which is an unbelievable natural phenomenon.


    • Dear Rupali,

      Thanks a lot. I also myself asked the same question. Yes, they have buyers all the time, specially during the spring and summer seasons. People/tourists coming in visit and then buy something from time to time. During our visit, there was also a group of tourists from Slovenia.



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