Make a good plan to make achievement of your goals and desires easier

A good strategic plan is very important, perhaps the most important one for achieving all the wishes and goals of each individual. Although the future is almost always unpredictable, a good plan can be a mitigating circumstance.

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Once you plan, and the future happens, you can always see, on the basis of experience, self-errors and weaknesses, strengths and weaknesses. If we live a life full of lungs, we use our talents and abilities in their entirety, we can “personalize our private and business life” and make some influence on our future’s decisions.

The famous saying says:

“It looks fascinating to me that most people plan their annual breaks with more care, than they plan their lives. Maybe that’s because ESCAPE is easier than CHANGE. “- Jim Rohn


Pencil and paper are old (tried and tested) tools for everything in life. Write on the paper your current life and your potential life for 3 years. Describe all important areas of life, work, family, finances, health, hobbies, friends / acquaintances, education and travel. Write down where you live and with whom, what do you do and what your average day looks like. Think about the desired talents and how to use them for your own good and your general well-being. Keep this good feeling that gives you the life you desire.


Ask yourself where you want to be in a year, and which of the three aforementioned areas is currently the most important to you. For each selected area, specify the goal you want to achieve in the next year, taking into mind that the goals are concrete and measurable.


Answer the question about what you need to do or learn to achieve your goals. Then, add to each goal (for each time period) the activities that you’ll take to achieve that particular goal.


Setting goals is easy, but at the first obstacle, most people give up. That is why it is necessary to plan daily, but also to monitor the activities undertaken, and regularly write ideas that can help achieve easier and faster goals.

After a certain period of time, check what you have done and whether goals are achieved according to the plan you have designed or you’ll need to modify it.

At this stage, it is extremely important to surround yourself with the people who support you in order to keep track of the achievement of your goals.


After a successful job, it is necessary to reward yourself for the effort and the shown discipline. If you do not achieve all the goals, the pleasure you will feel when you realize how much you have learned and achieved and what kind of person you have become is – indescribable.

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