Waterfall in Jajce is the only one in the world that is located in the city center (photos)

The town of Jajce was founded by Hrvoje Vukčić Hrvatinić and there is a legend that he wrote in his letter to his wife that he would build the most beautiful city in Bosnia. In the central part of the city of Jajce, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, there is a natural waterfall that belongs to one of the twelve most beautiful in the world. It is estimated that it is about 50,000 years old due to the amount of soda. The plives of the River Pliva and the waterfall are formed in the porous material of sedri.

2017-10-01 10.04.27

2017-10-01 10.04.52

2017-10-01 10.12.17

The decay and destruction of the sap is observed for almost 100 years, and occurs in the summertime when the trough drains. The city of Jajce has changed over the course of history, but its symbol Waterfall has remained the same. Rijeka Pliva makes smaller cascades (small waterfalls) and the last waterfall is 20 meters high. River Pliva flows below the waterfall into the Vrbas River and together those two rivers flow into the Sava River.

2017-10-01 10.12.56

2017-10-01 10.16.28

2017-10-01 10.16.39

2017-10-01 10.18.02

2017-10-01 10.17.44

2017-10-01 10.18.23

2017-10-01 10.18.11

Since 2014, waterfalls jumps are held, and this international event has become a tradition.


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