This is great and so simple:„Jin Shin Jyutzu“ skill is older than Buddha

Jiro Murai from Japan re-discovered this skill at the beginning of the 20th century when he was suffering from a serious illness. The doctors could not help him, and Murai began to explore. Through the experiences of people from the past who have been reborn, and often more than that, he uncovered a skill called Jin Shin Jyutzu (JSJ). As he was already very sick, he decided to stay in a hut in the mountain. There he practiced JSJ in silence. On the seventh day he experienced the heat and energy that seemed to “burn down” everything bad in him. He felt that he had gone through a storm, and he had a pleasant peace. He was completely healthy. He then thanked the Creator and vowed to devote the rest of his life to studying Jin Shin Jyutzu, and helping to other people.

His student Mary Burmeister transferred the JSJ to America. What is this about?

Jin Shin Jyutzu is an innate part of human wisdom almost as old as man. Sometimes people were more connected with nature and felt the rhythm of the universe far better than today.

The JSJ discovers that everything we need for equilibrium and the harmony inside and outside is actually inside ourselves.

Our main revitalizing energy follows the bloodstream system. It rises along our back and descends down to the front of the body. Her rhythm is indestructible, but the wrong use of the body, both conscious and unconscious, bad habits, irregular diet, mental and emotional disturbances, heredity, as well as the bad environmental effects, stresses and looks like we all have a negative effect on the supply of this energy and our life’s battery is weaken.

The essence of Eastern medicine (in contrast to the west, which is mainly materialistic and chemically oriented), is in knowledge of energy flows, in harmony and balance.

Through us and around us there is always energy, and as a result of reduced or no energy flow, there are blockages and in these areas there is a disease.

A disease can be different with different names, but the essence is that it’s always about blocking the flow of energy. Methods where we can restore the flow of energy through the body (and even wider), removing blockages and the disease melts by itself, and the man strengthens.

One such technique is Jin Shin Jyutzu. Jin is a man of knowledge, Shin is the Creator, and Jyutzu is a skill.

We need only ourselves and our hands for JSJ. They are “contact cables” and we only need to place them in a certain position on the body, waiting to feel the pulsation of energy. Initially, it is quieter, weaker, and then stronger. Then we begin to feel both the flow of energy and then the heat. It comes to relieving energy and your body slowly starts functioning properly. The JSJ is helping itself.

There are more places and ways of laying our hands, but here we have chosen an exercise that is complete (affecting the entire body), and can be performed almost everywhere. You can repeit it every day for 10 minutes, or longer, or more times, whenever and how do you want.

Before we describe an exercise, a few short instructions should be adopted.

First, relax. If you can not relax, stay as you are, do not force yourself. Be as you are already.

Perform each sequence (connection, degree, position of the fingers) until you feel the Roman pulsation (knocking). If you have a bit of time available, arrange it by passing through most of this simple exercise.

Everything can be done through clothing, belt or similar. It works like that.

You do not need to squeeze too hard, neither rub it, nor massage it. No power is needed. Imagine that your hands are “contact cables” and just set them up, the pulsation and energy will already start.

Where there are blockades, you will need more time to feel the energy. On this way you can also know in advance where your body may “crumble”.

Here we will describe the exercise in which you use your fingers, which are the keys to opening the door to harmony. Each finger “keeps” something in the body.

While you are practicing this JSJ practice you do not have to think about anything, you are free, you can read a book, watch TV, be on a lecture, watch a movie or be in silence if you like it so much and be in a position that best suits you at that moment , as it is already the most comfortable for you. Just have free hands. Let’s go.

The exercise consists in one hand covering your finger on the other’s finger (for example, with all the left fingers engaging the right thumb) until you feel the pulsing of the fingers. When you feel it, you can stay and feel the energy and warmth as it grows and grows, depending on how much time and needs you have. You’ll be more comfortable.

These are the areas on which the sequences of this exercise and the order of performance are operating. But if, for example, you get frightened, it is enough to immediately include a finger that is associated with it in order to reach such a state as soon as possible. Let’s start.

  1. FRAUD – this is due to the imbalance in our individualized energy sample of WOMEN AND SLEEP. It helps revitalize body fatigue, pain in the back of the head, breathing difficulties, digestive disorders.

With your LEFT HAND cover/include the thumb of your RIGHT HAND (and keep it in that way so long until you do not feel the pulsing energy, knocking. If you feel it immediately, hold so little that the energy is stabilized or even longer if possible.)

Then turn on the LEFT HAND. Follow the above instructions.

In this way, you will be relieved of your worries quickly.

2017-10-01 10.17.23

  1. FEAR, which is the basis of all diseased states – this is the imbalance in the individualized energy sample urinary bladder and kidneys. It helps in the treatment of digestive disorders, pain of the wrists, elbow and upper arm.

With your LEFT HAND cover the forefinger (index finger) of your RIGHT HAND.

Then, with your RIGHT HAND, include forefinger of your LEFT HAND.

This is how we quickly release fear, and the blockages caught up with them are beginning to be removed.

  1. ANGER, FURY – imbalance in the individualized sample of the energy of the lungs and the liver. It helps to align the ascent and descent sample of the central energy of the source of life. Revitalizing general body fatigue, eye disorders.

With your LEFT HAND cover the middle finger of your RIGHT HAND.

Then, with your RIGHT HAND, include the middle finger of your LEFT HAND.

When we are angry, upset, fury, ready to quarrel, someone has “raised the pressure”, we just catch the middle finger and it will be easier.

  1. MOURNING – an imbalance in the individualized energy sample of Lungs and Cold Chips. It helps to correct breathing difficulties and pain in the ears.

With your LEFT HAND cover the ring finger of your RIGHT HAND.

Then, with your RIGHT HAND, include the ring finger of your LEFT HAND.

When you are sad, depressed or have problems with these organs, grab the ring finger.

  1. You want to hide the feelings, feel uncertainty – an imbalance in the individualized sample of HEART AND TANK HERBS. It helps to calm the nerves, in nervousness, and disturbances from the flatulence.

With your LEFT HAND cover the smallest finger of your RIGHT HAND.

Then, with your RIGHT HAND, include the smallest finger of your LEFT HAND.

When we are expected to act, feel frivolous, which creates a conflict in us, when we are nervous, when something we do not want to dig “need to be dig out”, we grasp for a little finger.

For each exercise, pay attention to the pulsation of your fingers. Feel the energy in you, as it strengthens and the appearance of the flow and heat that come later. And that is it.

You can pass all your fingers every day, and after a while you may adopt this habit and make life easier for you, and strengthen energy flows in your body. Those who want to, they will probably go to achieve harmony, both inside and outside.

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