Painful joints, soles and heels, painful feet-try these balms, gels and ointment

2017-10-29 09.08.48

  1. Horse Balm ( – ideal for tired and swollen feet. It helps people with extended veins, which cause leg pain and difficult movement. The Balm is currently relieving pain in tiredness, injuries, swelling and rheumatic pain. The balsam ingredients (menthol, castor oil, camphor, rosemary oil, Mentha leaf oil, arnica montana flower extract) have anti-inflammatory properties. These combined ingredients reduce the possibility of cramping in the legs and muscle pain. Recommendation for use: Apply 3 x daily to the desired surface. Do massage to the applied spots. Do not apply to open wounds. The 500 ml package lasts up to several months.                                                                                                                             2017-10-29-09-09-07.jpg
  2. Devil’s claw gel ( – Helps with arthritis and sports injuries. It also helps and relieves the pain caused by biting and stretching the bones. It helps to remove toxins from painful joints. It encourages a natural anti-inflammatory mechanism. It improves and stimulates blood circulation. Prevents cramps in muscles. The gel ingredients are eucalyptus extract oil, camphor oil, castor oil, menthol. Recommendation for use: apply a thin layer of gel to painful places 3x daily. Massage painful spots. Do not apply to open wounds. The 500ml package lasts up to several months.2017-10-29 09.09.37
  3. Marigold’s remedy/ointment (; manufacturer: Crevil Cosmetics GmbH, Jardin naturel, Germany) – The ointment of the marigold is mild and nourishing and beneficial for the skin of the body, especially after showering. Nourishes the skin of the whole body. Ingredients of marigold’s ointment: vaseline, soybean oil, extract of the flower Calendula Officinalis. Recommendation for use: The best effect is using the marigold’s ointment after showering. The ointment can be used for the skin of the whole body. You can apply this ointment to your body as needed.


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