Nostradamus, Celestine and Kreman’s prophesies

Many prophecies’s followers and believers will say that the world’s top three prophecies are: Nostradamus, Celestine and Kreman’s prophecies.

  1. Michel de Nostredame was born on 14th December 1503 in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, in the south of France. He is well known all around the world by his Latin name Nostradamus. Nostradamus was astrologist, physician and the most renown prognosticator history. His famous book „Prophecies“ (four line predictions) was published in 1555 already in millions of copies. The Death of Henry II, The Great fire of London, The French Revolution, Napoleon, Louis Pasteur, Adolf Hitler’s rise to power, Charles de Gaulle, The Atomic bombs,  John F.Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy Assassinations, The Challenger explosion, The Death of princess Diana, The Death of John F. Kennedy Jr., Sept 11 2011 are a few of the Nostradamus’s most interesting calls and a couple of predictions that his followers and believers try to fit to events even that may fall a little short. Although Nostradamus died on 2nd July 1566, when we loudly say his name, we still feel some respect and awe to this man. Either Alien UFO invasion will be on the planet Earth, or China make bold moves to cure the “economic imbalance” in the world with far-reaching effects on the world stage, we still can not know for sure. Maybe, we just miss one 21st century Nostradamus? Who knows?  nostradamus
  2. In 1993, James Redfield published the first edition of his book called „The Celestine Prophecy, An Adventure“ which is based by the ancient wisdom. Critics say that his unique book „will change your view on the world“ forever. James Redfield gave us his vision of the future in a story that was the bestseller for 3 years. Everyone should be prepared for such a novel and know how to read it. The characters and the action were created here as a kind of scene in which the author tried to present the first 9 messages as creative as possible and in a way to clarify how important they are by dramatizing around the action and characters. The author did not intend to write a crime novel, nor this book is „a new age book“, it is a matter of old golden rules known from the time of great thinkers and philosophers, typed as 9 messages and included in a light and easily readable story in which all those 9 messages are highlighted. The story itself is a scene that evokes the importance of messages, and anyone who reads similar books can read between the lines. The book „The Celestine Prophecy“ is an esoteric genre.celestine
  3. Kreman’s prophecies- is a collection of prophecies of the so-called psychic family of Tarabic from Serbia (two brothers Mitar and Miloš are the creators of the Kreman prophecy). It was named after Kremna, a village in the north of Zlatibor mountain, in Serbia. Jovan Tarabic, the last descendant of the famous prophets of Miloš and Mitar Tarabic, died in 2014 in his native village of Kremna, at 92 years of age. Jovan Tarabic appeared for the last time in the media in 2012 when he recalled that the original manuscript of the Kreman’s prophecy was never found. Miloš Tarabic used to say that all „these things“ happen “while he is looking at the mountain” .The brothers Tarabić had their alleged visions before the start of the First World War.Tarabić allegedly foresaw the finding of television, the arrival of telephones and telegraphs in Serbia, the shift to the Serbian opposition, the fall of Karadjordjevic, their return to the country, the arrival of Josip Broz Tito to power (coming of the Red Emperor with the star on forehead). They say: Only one country at the end of the world, surrounded by large seas, as big as this Europe, will be peaceful and serene without inconvenience and misfortune … No bombs will be over it.

    Those who escape tend to be in the three crosses above, there will find their salvation and will then live in abundance, happiness and love because the war will never happened again … “they were talking.

    They announced that after this war “a noble and benevolent man – ripe will come on the throne of the world “, as they have said, and “he will bring happiness to the world and will rule for a long time, until his death”.tarabići

    Some people believe, but some people do not believe in those prophecies. Some prophecies have been supposedly fulfilled, and some are still expected … Anyway, reading of some prophecies can be interesting, especially to those who like a good SF movie, or a book or a novel. Prophecies come to the same place… somewhere, at the same time.


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