Weekly Photo Challenge: Temporary

This is my contribution for the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Temporary

2017-11-04 09.43.32

2017-11-05 07.58.26

Life is just a Temporary for all of us on this planet Earth on our path to the “better world”(they say).

2017-11-04 10.17.27

2017-11-04 10.17.35

Thank you for watching and have a great weekend.


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  2. I wonder if the grave sites you photographed are personal to you? I love the title to your blog “magicandbeauty.” It is precisely the existence of these things–magic and beauty–that convince me we did not come from matter unbidden and unplanned, nor will we leave this earth incognito.

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    • Dear “livingonthebacksideoffifty”,

      Many thanks for your great and inspiring comment. Life is kind of a magic, never know what to expect even in the next couple of seconds (My favorite movie “Forrest Gump” and his mother’s famous advise “Life is like a box of chocolate,never know what will come from the box”). Yes, those two grave sites are personal to me: Mr. Vladimir Strutinski was my father in law, a great man that I have not chance to meet, but from all stories I heard about him, I simply like to come and visit his grave and put some flowers onto it. The other lady is also mother in law from my husband’s sister. I loved her very much even she is not related directly to me, but her advises to me and personal stories were great one, born in Dubrovnik from German ancestors that came to Sarajevo and Dubrovnik and third grave site is on the hill near Sarajevo town where Nela’s grave is in. Nela was my husband’s female school mate and the mother of two daughters, recently died from the heart attack, age 53, I liked her very much. We should count every moment of our life in the future.

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      • Wow. Thank you for sharing this. I had the feeling the grave sites were personal… and you are so right about being aware of every moment —
        I was just reading in the Bible this week about being grateful and content; truly it is our relationships in life that bring joy and contentment. Both with God and with those we care about.
        I saw my grandmother live this out for me; she grew up very poor and lost her own mother at a young age–yet she lived a joyful, grateful life–despite working in a clothing mill through the great Depression, and having to help raise her siblings, and then 4 of her own children (with not a very dependable spouse at times) –yet, she always found the good in others to talk about and the good in life to focus on, and passed that trait down to my own mother–My grandmother still whistled in her 70’s & 80’s as she worked in the kitchen, making pastries for others, and wrote me many handwritten letters I still have, (just because I was one of the few grandchildren that lived out of state–and every week she taped a dime and piece of gum to my letter. What a treasure. She knew her God, and was content– and she knew lasting joy because of eternal truths…and because of her choice to be grateful and enjoy the good in life–despite it’s hardships, generations behind her have benefitted.
        So I love your last sentence–it has been true in my family: “We should count every moment of our life…” Take nothing for granted.
        “True godliness with contentment is itself great wealth.” ( I Timothy 6:6)

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