Do you read the daily press or some printed magazine?

On the local TV station recently there was a TV show  in which journalists and their guests tried to inform us more on stroke and tips how to prevent it. Reading is one of the best methods for preventing stroke. Unfortunately, in recent times, stroke affects all age groups and all ages. It is, therefore, important and highly recommended to read anything, because reading is one of the best brain exercises.

The new century has brought new technologies, different web portals adapted to all ages, and print media and magazines are not as current as they used to be. Magazines and different daily, weekly and monthly prints are read to find out about life-related news that we are interested in, as well as to feel the flair of the paper and the press in which the magazine has been printed.

2017-10-15 11.44.27

Historians believe that the first newspapers and magazines were created in the 5th century in the ancient Rome. Different news and information were collected solely by travelers, and were sent in writing to residents in remote areas of the Roman Empire. The first magazines is read by the visitors of the Roman Forum. It was called “Acta Diurna” (Daily Events).

The Imperial Government has printed the first newspaper in the imperial China called “Ching Pao” (or the News of the Capital) in the year 1300.

In the 16th century, the newspaper “Notizie Scritte” was published in Venice. The price of one copy of this magazine was 1 gazetta (the currency in the old Venice).

2017-10-15 11.45.34

In the 18th century, great progress was made in the printing industry, and the journals went out regularly. They had their regular readers. These magazines have released news, various articles, and comments.

In 1663, a magazine called “The Intelligencer” was published in London. It went out on a weekly basis.

Today in the world we have a large number of magazines of different themes, which publish various articles or are dedicated to one theme. Journalists or people who collect all the information for us (readers) belong to one of the most interesting and most vulnerable professions in the world. If you do not have the idea of ​​hobby choosing for yourself or a member of your family, collecting a magazine is a great choice.


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