6 plants to improve women’s health

  1. Breckland thyme (lat. Thymus serpyllum)-stimulates the psychic and physical functions. It is an ideal plant for urological and genital warts and an antiseptic for dissecting pathways. Her medicinal properties are in leaves and flowers. It has a pleasant smell and a bitter taste. This plant treats neurosis, depression and alcoholism. Tea made from Thymus serpyllum treats asthma, bronchitis and tuberculosis, migraine, kidney disease, anemia and insomnia. How to make a tea: pour the spoon of thymus serpyllum in hot water and let it cool. Drink 3x daily for maximum effect. Rinse the mouth cavity: on one spoon of this plant pour the water and let it stand overnight. In the morning, use this water to rinse your throat or for facial cleansing. This plant should not be taken by women with liver problems and a weak stomach.majčina dušica 2
  2. Hypericum perforatum-helps with painful and irregular monthly cycles of women, white wash, lowered uterus, uterine wounds and intensified secretion. This plant protects the walls of the uterus and prevents abortion, facilitates delivery, alleviates climax. It is recommended for pregnant women from the third month of pregnancy. It is considered a universal plant for all female illnesses.slika 2
  3. Achillea millefolium-is called a milfoil. Phytotherapists and herbalists believe that this plant helps when it seems to be all in vain. It helps with reproductive system diseases, such as white wash, uterine cancer, ovarian inflammation, myomas and the absence of a monthly cycle. It helps with climax.slika 3
  4. Chantarion-tea from this plant could be used for rinsing of the female organs. Chantarion’s oil is an excellent remedy for the health of vaginal flora because it treats almost all female illnesses. Using irrigator up to 5 cm inside of female organs, pour lukewarm tea.slika 4
  5. Salvia officinalis-helps with valunga (waves of heat) and prevents sweating. This plant treats depression and regulates sudden changes in mood among women. It facilitates childbirth, prevents miscarriage.broj 5 žalfija
  6. Marubium vulgare- treats women’s infertility. it is called desperate. It helps with the normalization of the sex hormones and balances the hormonal cycle. A tea from this plant can be drink up to 5 times a day.broj 6 macina trava


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