Two homemade recipes for breaking the stone from the bile or kidneys

Recipe number 1. Drink from lemon, beer and olive oil

On that day, use light meals for breakfast and lunch, and skip supper (if you are hungry, this drink has a better effect).

Preparation: 2 dcl of lemon juice, 2 dcl of olive oil (can also be extra virgin), 2 dcl of beer mix all together and drink. Leap on a high headboard and do not move around for the beverage to work better and to stop sickness (from the oil). After 6 hours, you’ll get diarrhea, and after 10 or 12 or 14 hours you start ejecting sand first, then small stones and then large stones. All the stones come out during your physiological needs, and they can be seen, soft as a dough and have a yellow structure. The rocks from the bile are green in color, while the rocks from the kidneys are brown-gray in color. Repeat every 5 years.

Recipe number 2. The drink from oats to break stones in the kidneys

Preparation: Boil 5 cups of oats in 1 l of water. Let it boil, and it will remain about 800 ml of the poor beverage. Sift the oats and drink this beverage for 7 days (in the morning and in the evening), then make a 7 day pause and repeat the procedure. You can buy oats on each bigger market (1 kg = 1 KM or 0.5 € at Otoka Market in Sarajevo).zob


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