Why to use activated charcoal?

Activated charcoal is one of the best absorbent materials. Because of its porous contour, it is able to absorb at least the biological inorganic substances. It is used for military gas masks (active charcoal filter is used). It is used industrially to absorb some undesirable gases. Activated charcoal is used for water treatment in the industry, ie for refining drinking water. In all water purification depots, active coal is used in the final purification phase. It is relatively inexpensive and therefore has found its use in many branches of agriculture.

In medicine it is used to absorb various types of biological poisons in the body or nus products of all bad food. Activated charcoal is a cheap substance and used as a medicine. Microbes in the stomach we enter with bad food are not poisonous themselves, but they are the toxic gases they release and these gases cause pain, diarrhea and healthy problems. Activated charcoal as an extremely porous substance absorbs these gases together with microbes and expels them through the colon. It is available in drug stores with non-prescriptions. For everyday use, it can be purchased in small, black tablets. These tablets are given in the case of stomach pains because they absorb unwanted poisons in the body. Healthy people can take active charcoal from time to time, and thus cleanse their stomach of unwanted substances. Activated charcoal is simple and useful tablet.

aktivni ugljen

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