Abraham Lincolns’s letter to the teacher

The great statesman and leader Abraham Lincoln was a man tied to the family, and this lesser-known part of his personality is proved by Abe’s letter to the teacher of his first-born son when his son went to the first grade.

‘Today my little son goes to school – and all things there will always be alive and new to him for some time, so I would ask you to be tender to him. He moves into an adventure that can take him across the continent to an adventure that is likely to be accompanied by wars, tragedies, and suffering. Such life will require faith, love, and courage.

So, dear teacher, please grab him by the hand and learn what he needs to know. Learn him well, but be gentle to him, if you can. Teach him to have one friend on each enemy. He will have to learn that not all people are just and honest. But also teach him to come up with a hero on every bad one, a devoted leader on every corrupt politician.

Learn him that the ten earned cents are worth much more than one found dollar, and it is much better to be bad pupil to school than to cheat. Learn him how to dignifiably lose and how to enjoy the victory when he gets it. Learn him to be obstinate and unapproachable with the rough. Learn him how to overcome the bullies.

Discard him from envy if you can and teach him the secret of a serene smile. Learn him if you can, how to laugh when he is sad; learn him that tears are not shame; learn him that glory can be in defeat and despair of success.

Teach him to ignore the cynics. Learn him, if you can, the miracles from the book, but give him also time to think deeply about the eternal puzzle of birds in the sky, bees in the sun and flowers on the green hill. Learn him how to believe in his own ideas, even if everyone says they are wrong.

Try to give my son the power to not go to the crowd when all of them do. Teach him to listen to everyone, but learn him to try everything he hears and keep only the good that passes through the site of truth.

Learn him how to sell his talents and brains to the best bidders, but never have the price of your heart and soul. Have the courage to be impatient, be patient to be brave.

Teach him to have always a supreme faith in himself, for then he will always have a supreme faith in humanity and God. This is a big claim, but see what you can do. He is such a lovely little boy, and he is my son. ‘

Abraham Lincoln

How long a man must be persistent in order to succeed?
at the age of 20 – He wanted to study Law but was not good enough
at the age of 23 – He was bankrupted.
at the age of 28 – The girl he had fun with … refused to marry him
at the age of 34 – He was re-bankrupt.
at the age of 35 – He lost his job.
at the age of 36 – He was having a nerve breakdown
at the age of 38 – He was losing the election
at the age of 41 – He lost his 4 -year old son
at the age of 45 – He lost in the Senate race
at the age of 47- He lost the race for the vice president
at the age of 47- He lost in the Senate race
at the age of 49 – He lost in the Senate race
at the age of 51 – He became the 16th President of the United States.

How long  a man must be persistent in order to succeed?
The man was called Abraham Lincoln.

“Whatever you are, be good at it.”

Abraham Lincoln


  1. This message represents that the person not to give up but always believe in self to do are task which we have to given and always do hard work and to give up

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