Positive changes in the horizon (Saturn in the Capricorn)

From 21.12.2017, the unusual planet with the rings called Saturn is located in its headquarters (the horoscope’s sign of the Capricorn) where it remains the next 2 and a half year. Such transit takes place once in 30 years.

Saturn is the ruler of time, which is a relative term for this planet. As time goes by and something takes away something, Saturn brings something. God of time is another name of the Saturn.

2017-10-14 07.22.03

Saturn is ruled by the Horoscope’s sign Capricorn. When they are young, the characters in this sign are prudent, and as time passes, they become younger, brighter and happier.

Saturn in the Capricorn marks a striking period, strong and intractable. Saturn exhibits its features in the strongest possible way. There is no joke about the things you used to be playing with before. Everything is taken as the way it is, and in some serious ways.

All persons that want to know who they aree, all who want to know what they are actually doing, the purpose of what they are interested in, will all come to theirs while Saturn is in the Capricorn.

Everyone who walks, toys, plays, lies, and exploits someone’s honesty, will face the right thing and look into the face. And that will not be easy, because Saturn requires truth, order, discipline, regularity, honesty. Everything will crash, everything will be revealed.

When you feel this situation or vibration a little harder, ask yourself where you are and are you in the first group,second or are you in both groups? Only the one who really wondered about the truth would find the truth. Truth, if you have the courage, always leads to freedom.

After Saturn, Zodiac follows the Uranus, which is a symbol of freedom. It can only come to you if you master the lessons of Saturn that will, for the next two and a half years, constantly apply the state and opportunity to know not only oneself, but also others around you, as they really are.

The time that has just begun will bring many confrontations that will not be pleasant to some people, but for many persons will be just right.

Anyone who wants to work on their own and do something concrete at all will be invited to Saturn’s paths, which, if they are committed, serious and complete, must take them to the very top and at least where they are.

And everybody at the end of this story (for two and a half years), letting themselfe wonder with the question – why, with a clear answer – therefore, in the content of the same it will be clear that everyone has arrived where he deserved in proportion to their maturity and readiness to persistently pursue their path, no more, no less.

And there will be no place to complain. Because Saturn is a whole for yourself that, if you accept it, can make you something big but always deserved of your efforts and strength. You just have to be awake and aware of these great opportunities.

The next such transit of Saturn by Capricorn will not happen for 29,5 years.



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