5 tips for easier awakening

2017-12-30 08.32.46
Are you a person who is difficult to wake up and long after waking you are “dragged” at your home like a zombie? We bring very simple tricks, which will immediately make you happy after the morning awakening with a lot more energy.
1. Reduce the alarm
Avoid morning shocks, and start with an alarm. If you hear loud music, try replacing it with loud sounds that you will be used to for a few days. Morning waking you will be less stressful from the first second.
2.Remove yourself
Slight stretching in all directions provides a decent injection of energy, so you can finally bleed from the bed.
3. Drink a glass of water
They say water is the best drink. To automatically wake up your metabolism, have a glass of water.
Though you are not a morning guy, a few minutes of exercise will stimulate your energy and wake up all your senses.
5. Drink only one cup of coffee
Too much coffee provides counter effect and returns you several hours after awakening. So try to get started with just one cup of coffee. It will be enough.

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