The period of the year you are born speaks a lot about you!

The period of the year you are born can say a lot about you and explain your specificity of character, all the beauties you possess and all the qualities you have.

2017-10-14 07.22.03


You are a good soul who loves to help your neighbors and gladly listen to them. The people you are surrounded often think of you as their rescuer, and with your appearance, you can make them smiling. It’s easy for you to make friends. You are humble and have a great desire to change the world of the better.

Your strongest feature is the big heart.


You have the diligent problems to deal with on easier way and you are very independent. Imagine and appreciate the moments you can relax. You are positive and people love to hang out with you. The truth is very important to you and you always do your best to avoid lying to the people you love.

Your strongest feature is resourcefulness.


Before you make any decision, you will do your best to analyse and plan. You’ve always been a bit cautious and easy to recognize a lie of truth. When you talk to people, you love to have deep conversations and you have no problem telling them all – whether it’s good or bad news. You are very open, experienced and you are able to provide quality advice.

Your strongest characteristic is sharpness.


When someone is looking for some help, assistance or any service, it’s hard for you to say “No”. Also, when you love someone, you can love him/her for the rest of your life and give yourself completely. Many consider you a very good friend and price your character. You are great at home and people are happy to visit you. As you are generous person, you are great host, when your guests are concerned.

Your strongest feature is generosity.



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