Feng Shui: Get unnecessary stuff out of your bags (they steal your wealth and prosperity)

Our bags we wear and use every day are mostly inadvertently overwhelmed by unnecessary items that destabilize the energy flow and prosperity.

2017-10-10 10.16.19
So, listen to the ancient method of Feng Shui and make your “bag of abundance”
Mrs. Jayme Barrett, a Feng Shui expert, advises how to make the energy flow free, and from overcrowded bags to make a bag of abundance.
1. Make the intent of abundance in the bag – your bag keeps your wallet, keys to the home and the car … What is it about you? What makes you feel excited? Now is the moment to express the intent of her – she needs to call and multiply your energy of abundance.
2. Adjust the mess in the bag – shake the contents of your bag (and wallets, briefcases and / or computer bags if you wear them) every few weeks. Get rid of anything that does not support your self-confidence and revenue, get the garbage out of the bag. Organize things in a bag so that you can find everything quickly. Do not let the disorder stop the flow of wealth!
3. Choose red and gold – red and gold are the colors of wealth and abundance that give the energy boost to your cash flow. They are great colors for the wallet. Keep your wallet in good condition to always be great and buy a new one when your old wallet is down. Once a week, you will have to withdraw your bank accounts and certificates from them if you have the habit of saving them in your wallet. For personal feelings of prosperity, always carry a bigger banknote (domestic currency or foreign currency) in your wallet.
4. Clean the cosmetic bag – do not overlook the beauty of a cosmetic bag and throw away any used or unsuitable make-up, disguised or improper make-up. Do not keep promotional samples as they are free; many people may have already passed the deadline. Keep only the products and colors you wear and love.
5. Get a handbag holder – often in the premises, you do not have the place to put your bag up, so get a carry case on these occasions. Do not place the bag on the floor, because it drains the energy and the flow of money.


  1. This was a positive surprise! I’m going to try the tips in your post. I certainly believe in order. I do live a minimalistic lifestyle. I don’t have much stuff that I don’t use/need, but it is good with a reminder. Maybe it is time for a new purse, and/or wallet? I always have the consideration wether I’m going to go for a small purse, only for my wallet, keys, and phone. Or if I’m going for one that can include my camera, and at least one water bottle. That’s a tricky one 🙂 I do have a smaller one that I like, and I just recently through away my bigger purse, the one that allowed me to bring my camera. I probably need one with room for my camera. I like buying quality that lasts. I believe I had the one I throw out a couple weeks ago for around 4 years. It did look great all the way to the last month. Do you have a personal trick to keep your purse in order? How do you think? Do you have one that you use every day? Or several?


    • Dear NorCal Zen,

      I also myself like buying quality items that lasts. My personal trick to keep my purse in order is to put (for example) all items (small one,..like medicines for a flew or potential headache ..or back pain..or similar) in a small purse which I put in my rucksack(backpack)…and also have a lot of keys which I keep together on two key chains,..a small umbrella…mobile phone (with camera)…a canvas bag (which I also collect) which is a good one for some nearby market..a diary and pencil….The one which I use every day is a backpack…already lasts for years…I wash it in a washing machine..regularly…without any problems….

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