Empathy and cooperation are our new hope for a better future

The main sources of suffering on planet Earth are certainly selfishness, greed, and ignorance. However, if we turn to empathy and cooperate more, and for all of us, the inhabitants of the planet Earth, there is hope, however.
From February 16, 2018, the reign of the Earth Dog began, through the Chinese calendar.
It is known that the Earth Dog does not approve unnecessary wastage and wear. The overall success in 2018 (both, in love and on the business plan) depends largely on quality interpersonal communication, and of selflessness and generosity.
The basis for survival is empathy and cooperation, and human morality is a synonym of freedom. Only if we are moral and responsible, we will be free, and our lives can be more better.

2017-09-15 08.52.06
The Earth Dog Year will strongly affect both men and women, giving them a chance to change. Strong character, education, morals, social life, health and care for the elderly are very important in this period. The emergence of new writers and philosophers, as well as the rediscovery of forgotten classical writers and poets, should awaken and nurture collective consciousness.
During the year of the Earth Dog, we can expect the launch of new industrial projects, which will change the current way of production and exploitation of energy sources. This applies in particular to the solar energy area, which is sufficiently developed to become one of the main sources of electricity.

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