Weekly Photo Challenge: Story

General Brieger-Thank you very much, sir.

A couple of years ago, I was awarded by the „EUFOR Medal of Honor“ from the US Major General Robert Brieger who was the Commanding Officer of the Althea Peace Keeping Multinational Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

2014-12-12 14.55.00

„ALTHEA” means the Goddess of healing (translated from the Greek language) and EUFOR is the shortcat for the European Union Forces in Bosnia and Herzegovina. United Nations Security Council (UNSC) Resolution 1575 (on 22 November 2004) adopted and welcomed the European Union’s intention to launch an EU military operation in Bosnia and Herzegovina which is still present here and which follows the decision by NATO to conclude its successful SFOR-operation.

The Dayton Peace Agreement was officially signed  in The Élysée Palace (French: Palais de l’Élysée) on the 14th of December 1995. The main goal of this agreement is to stop the brutal war in Bosnia and Herzegovina (1992-1995).There is still an original Dayton Peace Agreement kept in France. The Dayton Peace Agreement was never officially translated nor ratificated in the Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The main objectives of Althea operation is to heal my country and all its peoples war woods, to secure a safe and stabilize environment in Bosnia and Herzegovina, to support my country’s progression towards NATO an EU standards, to full-fill the role determined in the Dayton Peace Agreement and to stabilize and integrate Bosnia and Herzegovina into the European Union.

According to the Greek Mythology, ALTHEA was the mother of Meleager. She was told by other Greek Gods that her son will die after a piece of wood on her fire will be consumed. She took the piece of wood from the fire and put it in her chest to preserve Meleager’s life.

2014-12-12 14.55.44

Thank you General Brieger, I appreciate this medal very much.

This is my response for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Story

About ALTHEA Peace Operation, more on http://www.euforbih.org



  1. Thank you for an awe inspiring story. It isnt often at all we understand what medals are really for and what they represent for generations to come, hope for the future built through human effort and giving which money cannot buy but which mankind everywhere needs

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    • Dear “ethicalartisans”,…Yes, you are totally right. All medals are and will be part of mankind history, because we can not live forever, everything has the beginning and the end including human lives, but what we as a human beings live now, will stay in the future for someone to come. Let us all try, in this digital and technical era, to be more human and more reliable to each other. Best regards from sunny Sarajevo, Amela.

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  2. Dear Ms Zen,

    Yes, I agree but most important to me is the fact that the war is over and we all try to live in peace now.
    Thank you very much.


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