Welcome to the Wilson’s Lane

If you ever come to Sarajevo and having an extra day, try not to miss Wilson’s lane or promenade. This street goes near the river Miljacka starting from the Bridge of Suada and Olga and passing by the Elektroprivreda building and ending at the bridge of Osman Pasha Street.

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The Wilson’s promenade was established during the Austrian-Hungarian period and it was named Kallaj’s Promenade. This first title of the promenade came after Mr. Benjamin Kallaj who was serving as Minister of Finance for the Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy. He was also an administrator in Bosnia and Herzegovina during that period.

During the establishment of the Kingdom of Serbs Croats and Slovenians (shortcut is SHS) and just after the Monarchy crashed down, this promenade was named Wilson’s Promenade after the American President Mr. Woodrow Wilson who declared the war on the Central Powers in 1917. This was a major turning point of WWI.

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Again, promenade’s name was changed during the period from 1941 up to 1945 (during the Nazi-Musolini’s period of occupation) and was called Musollini’s promenade. After the WWII was over, the promenade’s title was also turned to Wilson’s promenade. The Youth’s Promenade was the new title in 1960. This promenade was finally called The Wilson’s promenade 1993.

Many linden trees were planted on the both sides of the promenade from the 20th century. They grew up and now creating a beautiful green oasis in the central part of Sarajevo There are many Coffee Bars, benches and linden trees here. This street closes down on weekend, holidays and every day after 17 Hrs for the traffic.


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