We present a tourist-residential settlement Osenik (Municipality of Hadžići)

“Sarajevo Resort Osenik” is located in the Municipality of Hadzici. This complex is opened in October 2015. The settlement is a tourist-residential type and is the best indicator of successful cooperation between Kuwait and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Sarajevo has always been an example of hospitality for visitors from all over the world.

2018-04-04 09.57.50

2018-04-04 09.57.41

2018-04-04 09.57.30

This is an investment of over 50 million marks. The resort is away from the airport about 15 minutes, 20 minutes to the Sarajevo city center and 20 minutes to the Olympic center on the mountain Bjelašnica and on the Igman mountain. The founder of Gulf Real Estate d.o.o is Mr. Jasem Ahmed Al-Kanderi.

The resort is a specially designed settlement, offering accommodation for 1,125 tourists. The total area of ​​the settlement is 160,000 m², with an artificial lake of 12,000 m². Approximately 160 buildings are located around the lake.

2018-04-04 09.25.09

2018-04-04 09.26.10

2018-04-04 09.26.19

2018-04-04 09.26.27

Two covered swimming pools, hotels, restaurants, sports grounds, a supermarket, as well as many other accompanying facilities were built.

2018-04-04 09.26.47

2018-04-04 09.31.26

2018-04-04 09.33.42

2018-04-04 09.27.32

2018-04-04 09.30.35

2018-04-04 09.31.05

2018-04-04 09.31.38

Sarajevo Resort is an oasis for guests from the Middle East who will find tranquility and pleasure in the summer months near the Bjelašnica and Igman Olympic mountains as well as the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo.

The development of tourism in B & H in the last two years has grown by about 20 %, and this is significantly contributed by the interest of guests from the Arab countries for the incomprehensible tourism potentials of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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