Recommendations for April: hand and face creams/balsams (reviews)


  1. Balsem Gosok (Javi Green Balm) with menthol and eucalyptus oil-aromatic balsam for daily usage. Has great effects for giddiness, common colds, muscle fatigue, arthritis, strains, sprains, nasal and chest congestion, motion sickness, and itching due to insect bites. This balsam is known as and „Eagle Balm“. Direction: Apply on the effected parts of the body. Repeat application as needed. Warning and precautions: consult the health care provider prior to use, if you are using a counter medications for blood clotting. Do not apply on open woods or around eyes, do not use if diagnosed of hypersensitivity to any of its ingredients. Manufactured: PT EAGLE INDO PHARMA, (Tangerang, Indonesia) more on caplang. com2018-04-06-16-13-27.jpg
  2. Afrodita Calendula Hand Creme-( –Repairing hand and nail creme. The package of 75ml can last up to month. The main characteristics: 2 in 1 hand& nail creme, repairing effects, silicone&sythentic colours & BHT FREE. Renewal Hand and Nail Cream 2 in 1 for dry, cracked and damaged hands. With extract of marigold and allantion, the creme nurses the skin of your hands and nails, stimulates renewal, and strengthens the skin’s protective mechanism. Quickly absorbs. Made in Slovenia (The European Union)2018-04-06 16.14.03
  3. ARAD Night Treatment Cream- for normal skin with marine collagen & pomegranate extract, main usage is to accelerate flow of nutrients. This new creme leaves your complexion looking radiant, with greater elasticity, and younger texture. Apply every night to thoroughly cleansed face and neck. The creme is formulated to minimize the risk of allergies. Made in Israel, more information is available on www., 2018-04-06 16.13.082018-04-06 16.12.49



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