10 interesting facts about the Sarajevo cable car

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The Sarajevo cable car is a wired railway with one or two cabins, which move in opposite directions. It is a true preeminent symbol of the city of Sarajevo. It is known under the nickname “Trebevic Lift”, which has remained until today. It was demolished (almost to the ground) during the war in Sarajevo. Currently, finishing works are being carried out, so that the cable car will be put into operation for Sarajevo s citizens, tourists and everyone who like this panoramic way of sightseeing the city.

  1. The Sarajevo cableway was first put into operation in 1959 and was a novelty for all the residents of Sarajevo during that period of history. It was one of the safest means of public transport in Sarajevo, because unlike many other city lifts in the world, it never had any recorded accident.
  2. The lift part for the cable car was built (project design, equipment, partial delivery of equipment, supervision of prefabricated works) by the company „Transeksporte“ from the Czechoslovakia, while the other parts of the cable car were made in Bosnia and Herzegovina.2018-04-16 11.40.19
  3. Cable lifts were built by the Impola company from Slovenske Bistrice, while Thermoelectro Beograd, Jelšingrad Banja Luka, Energovinvest Sarajevo and other companies made other devices and parts.
  4. Until the construction of a cable car, people were climbing on Trebevic Mountain with goat trails with narrow paved roads and Polish paths.
  5. The cable car running on the Sarajevo-Trebevic route lasted 12 minutes.
  6. The starting station was located in the Sarajevo street Dimitrija Tucović.
  7. The Sarajevo cable car was a medium-wire railroad intended for public traffic in the world, along the length of the railway and the duration of the journey. For example, the Zagreb Mountaineer falls into the shortest lifts in the world by the length of the track (66 m) and the duration of the drive (64 sec). Mount Montmartre in Paris (108 m, 90 sec), Angels Flight in Los Angeles (91 m, 45 sec), Falls Incline at Niagara Falls (60 m, 62 sec).2018-04-16 11.33.02
  8. The cabin had 50 cabins, and for one hour 800 passengers could be transported from Sarajevo to the plateau on the Trebevic mountain in both directions.
  9. At the starting and ending stops of the cable car there were waiting rooms for hikers and small buffets.2018-04-16 11.41.44
  10. The Sarajevo cable car belongs to one of the most common motives on the postcards of the pre-war Sarajevo or Sarajevo from the ex-Yugoslavia period.2018-04-16 11.41.48

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