The biggest concentration camp Gaza



This is Gaza2

This is Gaza. It’s 360 km2 with population of over 2 millions and with average 5000 new baby born a month.
Since 2006, Gaza suffers nearly everything from the lack of electricity to the lack of food and water supplies.
We tried 3 genocidal wars since 2008, hundreds of people killed and thousands more wounded with destruction of thousands of houses still waiting for the reconstruction.
Since April 2017, the Palestinian Authority and its president Mahmoud Abbas put more sanctions on Gaza that started with reducing the salaries to 70% and later with 50% of the salaries.
Since last month, the employees haven’t received their salaries and Abbas is still threatening with more and more sanctions that will reach to the cut of poor families fund.
This means that the life in Gaza will stop and the people will die gradually.
If the world hasn’t acted soon, the situation will explode and there will be more and more disasters.
Help Gaza before it’s too late.
We are not asking for money. We want the world to put pressures on the governments to help lift this bad siege on Gaza.
11 years of siege is enough. Gaza is dying.


Please, help Gaza before it’s too late.

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