10 interesting facts about Bulgaria

  1. The Parliamentary Republic of Bulgaria is an EU member since 2007. Its population is over 7 million (according to the 2011 census). The national currency is LEV (BGN). The international dialing code is +359, and the internet prefix is ​​”.bg”.
  2. The climate’s conditions are continental and mild in the south due to the influence of the Mediterranean. Cyrillic alphabet is used. The religions are: majority Orthodox (76%), Islam (10%), Catholics (0.8%) and Others (1.3% .
  3. The only country in the world where it is worth: when the Bulgarians are nodding their heads up and down, they say “No,” and when they do that with heads left and wright, they say “yes.” If someone accidentally touches you on a bus or tram, exclaiming “Opaaaa”, it means in Bulgarian that he/she apologizes.
  4. In the recent history, this country has gone a pretty hard way from one of the most disgruntled communist countries to the new EU member, attracting foreign investors and tourists more and more. It is a country that you can still visit with a little money.
  5. In Bulgaria, you will see the so-called ” Balkan mentality. The people are polite and at every moment ready to help.
  6. 70% of the world’s production of roses and rose’s products is in Bulgaria, which is also known as the “Earth of Roses”. The national drink is yogurt, and wherever you order it, it has an excellent taste. Bulgarians are also known as big coffee consumers, so in Sofia, you have small kiosks on every couple of hundred meters.nokia 448 nokia 450 nokia 447
  7. The capital of Sofia still has a recognizable socio-style, but at every turn, it can be seen that it is a city with great potential. In the center of the city is a beautiful Orthodox church, the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, built in the 19th century, next to which are the National Gallery, the University and National Library. In front of the church is a small snack bar with tables, offering a solid selection of souvenirs and “everything ” at very affordable prices. All malls are located in the city and very well connected with city transport (Mall of Sofia, .. http://www.mallofsofia.com, .. Serdika Centar, .www.serdikacenter.bg, .. The Mall … http://www.themall .bg, .. etc). In the area of ​​the former Great Mosque is now the Archaeological Museum, and opposite it is the Presidential Palace (where the guard changes every hour).
  8. The center of the town is the square of Sv. Nedelye and the main shopping street of Vitosha (Vitosha is a mountain above Sofia). Close to it is three sacral buildings, Orthodox church of Sv. Nedelye, the Synagogue and the Banya Bashi Mosque (nearby is an old market that offers everything and everything at affordable prices). You can visit Sofia best by walking. At every step, there are plenty of cafes and restaurants (home-grown fast food chain is “Happy Grill” and their domestic beer is called Kamenitza). Everyone is always full of guests.
  9. Walking through the capital, you will notice that there is a lot of investment in the infrastructure and new facilities are coming up every step. Once you have been to Bulgaria and realize that getting back home has come closer, you will return to this beautiful country again for sure.

http://www.sofia.info, http://www.lexira.eu, http://www.visit-sofia.com.


  1. Dear “livingonthebacksideoffifty”,

    Thanks a lot for your nice comments. Yes, Bulgaria is the worth visit country, full of surprises, great people and so affordable for all of us. Highly recommended, once you’ll be able to visit this beautiful country. And, yes, roses and all products of roses are almost everywhere there.

    My best regards,


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  2. Thank you, Amela! I’m pretty sure that I’ll be visiting Bulgaria in August. I have friends there who are holding a retreat, followed by touring. It’s exciting!

    I appreciate the information and the pictures. 😊 Blessings to you for the New Year.


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  3. Dear Debbie,

    You are very welcome. Yes, Bulgaria is so fascinating country. There is a lot of places to see/visit and my advice will just make a trip plan so you will not miss some beautiful places/spots worth seeing.

    My best regards and all the best to you,



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