20 tips of older people we need to read and appreciate

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1. Respect the person who shares his/her life with you, as this is the most important person in your life .
2. The Old saying says: If an old age knows-what is youth. Keep your health in the youth as you will be healthier in your older age.
3. Do not be addicted to material items. You rather appreciate time and life experiences.
4. Being jealous in normal proportions is normal, that means you care about it. So, do not overdo it with the sluggishness. The jealousy destroys both life and love. Trust your partner, no matter what it is.
5. It can be said that there is no person in the world who has a dream job and loves it every day. The ideal job is what you are doing, you try to love it a bit, sometimes you do not like it a bit but still it pays all your bills and living expenses.
6. When it is difficult for you to deal with life, return your thoughts to the present moment and enjoy everything that is nice and comforting. Take a deep breath, relax.
7. Life is running fast. The youth is passing quickly. Do not rush with marriages. Live your life with full capacity. Travel. Do whatever you like, no matter how much money you have. Get your bags and go wherever you can afford. While no one depends on you, do not buy things. No things. See the world.
8. Do not look at life always seriously. When your life circumstances are sad, dark and hopeless, try to laugh at how life is silly.
9. A real friend will run when you call him at the 2 Hrs in the night. Everyone else is just acquaintances.
10. Children grow up too fast. Take the maximum time to spend with them.
11. Nobody ever died complaining of not working anymore. Be worthy, but do not put a job in front of your family, friends, or yourself.
12. Eat and do training as if you were a diabetic and a heart conditioning who had a stroke – never do it.
13. Clean your teeth with your teeth, teeth problems are awful.
14. Do not take other people’s advice as a commander. You can ask for advice from someone you respect, but then consider your situation and make your decision. Listen to your own advice.
15. The joints that you hurt today will regress you later, and if you think you have completely recovered.
We have only one chance on this country. Do not wake up and realize that you are 60 years old and have not done the things you dreamed of.
17. Consider small things and be present at the present moment. What I mean by that. Today young people want it all right now. Instead, why not appreciate every little moment? We will not stay forever on this crazy / beautiful planet. And the greatest satisfaction can be found in the most affluent activities. Instead of sending a message, raise the handset and call someone. Call your mother, talk about everything. These are the moments to be appreciated.
18. Pay your bills and avoid debts. If I could pay off all the money I paid for interest over all these years, I would be a rich man.
19. If you are afraid of being someone else or doing something that seems impossible, try it. As you age, you become responsible for other people, that will only become more apparent.
20. Know someone for the first time. Stop and try to figure out you do not know anything about them. You see race, gender, age, clothes. Forget all that. You do not know anything. These assumptions are based on your prejudices about your brain’s love of the category. Categories restrict your lives and other people’s lives.

Source Lovemorefearless.tumblr.com

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