A royal game “chess” through history

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The Chinese proverb says “The world is like a chess game. With every move, it is changing. ”
This royal game was named after the Persian ruler. It is probably the oldest, psychological-mental game on the 64-spot board (8X8) with 16 white and 16 black figures. The chess can be defined as a game with the attack of any figure on the opponent king. This game ends with the chess-player words „chess-mat“, which in Persian means “king is dead”.
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The chess is a game that is written and spoken for thousands of years. Many chess fans say it’s the queen of all games. That’s why chess is called a “royal game”.
Although the word “chess” means ruler, in the Persian language, no one knows exactly whether chess originates from Persia, the ancient Rome, Arabia, Vavilon, Greece or some another country. Many believe that it was born in India among the Buddhists. All Buddhists believe that war and killing are a crime. In exchange for war and killing, Buddhists invented chess.
Through the history of the chess, its black and white figures have changed. When the opposite player takes over the figure to his opponent, the chess players say the player “ate” the figure. ” The goal of the game is to keep the king and the queen. “Roshada” or “rokada” is the most famous move in chess. This is, by definition, a once-twice-double move of a king and a tower (a change of place of a king and a tower).
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The Queen figure has the greatest power and is the strongest figure in this game. Other figures in the chess are cannon/tower, horse, hunter or läufer (runner or messenger in German), and pions, pioneer-royal soldiers.
Nowadays, this beautiful sports game is widespread around the globe. Who did not hear about Anatoly Karpov and Gary Kasparov. International chess tournaments are held regularly. Every year those tournaments attract millions of viewers.
Chess is the brightest type of sport in the world.


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