Fun with Children for Fall: Let the dragons (kites) go

The dragons were created by some historians in China. Today they have an important role in many ceremonies. The so-called “high-flying ceremony” is held on the 9th day in the 9th month in China. Then the sky is covered with the dragons of all shapes, sizes and colors. This kind of ceremony was intended for children and adults. During the ceremony, “fighting with dragons” was held.
In the west, dragons were used to play and other life needs.
In 1752, the American statesman, philosopher and inventor Benjamin Franklin, with the aid of a silk dragon, proved that lightning and electricity were identical (by releasing a dragon in the storm).
At the end of the 19th century many meteorological stations used dragons. They would measure the temperature of the cloud, inter alia, by catching the dragon thermometer. With the help of dragons, the wind speed and humidity were measured. Before the plane was formed, dragons were used.
The dragon shape is mostly triangular. The dragons are made in the form of a butterfly, a ship, a bird by stretching the rope to the desired shape and increasing the number of sticks that the dragon makes.

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