Nostradamus’ Circle – Looking To The Future: Imagine your wish and look for the answer!

Nostradamus prophecies are written by metaphors. Historians claim that the propagation of destiny with the help of the circle invented by the Nostradamus. Although, there is no official written or oral evidence about it.
This method is simple and surprisingly precise!
Close your eyes to focus on the wish / question that interests you. Push your finger around the circle. The number you have stuck is the answer to your question / wish.

Nostradamusov krug
Potential answers are:

1. Your wish will be fulfilled. You belong to those people who do not lose the pride and presence of the spirit and in the most difficult situations. Solving your problems are there because you are endurance and patience. You are waiting for success because you have confidence in yourself and others.
2. Yes, desire will be achieved though not today or tomorrow. Someone stands on your path and tries to confuse you. Do not take him/her too seriously, but do not overwhelm this resistance. Avoid conflicts. Try to find a positive solution to your problem.
3. Events in the near future will exceed your expectations. Start smartly to use your energy reserve, do not waste it on irrelevant things. The advantage will be on your side. Show patience and endurance to yourself and others.
4. Yes. At this point, you’re lucky to follow. Do not doubt the positive outcome. Luck will keep you on track for a long time. Enjoy your future happiness.

5. That’s right. Although, You pay too much attention to the opinion of others, and you miss a nice/pleasant situation. Do not wait too long. Let other people know about you in order to respect you and your opinion. Small tactical games only lead to confusion and go to the detriment of mutual trust.
6. Everything will go a bit harder than you expect. You go from wrong assumptions. Others see it in a different light. Listen to the good advice of a close person and do not underestimate false hope.
7. The question is not solvable for now. Give yourself time and do not create problems where you do not have one. Try to enjoy the moment. Later, everything will be solved. If you’re worried, contact the Magic Circuit in a couple of days again.

8. Carefully. Try not to believe everything they say. Keep some distance in some things. Today, everything around you looks more favorable than it is. Be careful in order not to feel disappointed later.
9. There will be a desire, but with help. Talk to your good friend about the troubles you are having, because he/she is objective and observes things more treacherous.
10. Yes. But do not give it to mislead you. Show more confidence and security. Everything will be in perfect order. At this point, you can fully rely on your intuition. Later you will not experience the least disappointment.
11. The issue is soluble in the near future. Keep it alive at the moment.Be relaxed.

12. It is very possible. Everything progresses much faster and more positively than you imagined. Do not try to show that you are unsure. Pay Attention: Someone sincerely tries to become your friend.
13. All will happen, but not as planned. You are acting indecisively. This leads to misleading your friends. They are regarded by you as an unpredictable personality, which does not benefit you. Destroy this image. You love more than you think.
14. Everything will be fine. Be a little more active. Everything is allowed. Do not waste your chances and react properly. Get the initiative and surprise all of them with your efficiency and wealth of ideas.
15. You can rely on your happiness. You are looking forward to a good destiny. You do not have to invent now, just expect results. The cause of the action will put you in the wrong direction and cause harm to you.
16. All hope will be fulfilled, absolutely different from what you imagined. Be prepared to change. Do not concentrate on one goal alone. Show flexibility and do not reject any argument.
17. The question is open. You need to think carefully about your desires. Your feelings are not completely mature. You expect too much from the other side. In the coming days everything remains unchanged. One lucky circumstance can bring clarity to your problem. Carefully listen to your inner voice and instinct.
18. There may be difficulties with you. At first you will be disappointed, though that does not mean you have no chances of realizing the desire. On the contrary: disappointment will stimulate positive development. Your circle of friends is growing, becoming better and more stable.
19. Distrust and anger are far from you. If soon you do not release your own doubts, you will be much spoiled. If your happiness is bypassed, the culprit can be your exaggerated modesty and unhappiness. Dismiss them and be open and socializing with other people.
20. Yes. At this point, happiness is on your side. There is no reason to doubt the good outcome. You will still enjoy a happy time for a long time.
21. Yes. There is still little effort left to achieve the goal. Be courageous and even more courageous. Risk and you will surely succeed. Be careful of everything that is happening around you. Keep in mind – there is no coincidence in this world. Everything happens with some reasons.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog – I appreciate it. Pretending that the future is knowable is always fun … though at my age and having a lot less future, I don’t check horoscopes or anything like it anymore — I just take it as it comes! Stay well in this trying time!

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    • Dear “ellenefd1”,
      You are very welcome. I think all human beings at some point like to know what could be “ahead” of us. People read horoscopes and stuff like that just to have more fun and some magic. Wishing you all the best. Amela.

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