How to convert your hobbies to work

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How can you be more creative?
Creativity defines the human species. It has long been considered a gift of Gods, something beyond the scientific explanation … until this century. What happens in the human brain before the idea is born? How does dreaming help us to become a creative genius? What is the link between obsession and excellent ideas?
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The easiest is to achieve simplicity. When a creative person achieves simplicity in their creations, then we call that person a genius.
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To succeed in some creative profession or to turn your hobby into work, follow these tips:
1. Little steps lead you to perfection.
2. When you’re not sure-then ask, look for an answer, investigate
3. You will learn the best from your own mistakes.
4. There is no best school for creative people, everything is learned over time. With daily practice.
5. Make the first step, if you are not sure what else, pause, think and then resume where you originally quit.
6. Things will happen over time in time. You will also have positive and negative reactions. Be prepared for both.
7. Your favorite hobby can become your profession, but if you take it to another side, let your original hobby- to stay hobby.
8. Do not hesitate to ask anyone, anytime, anywhere, for advice, tips and / or guidance.
9. You may have to spend all your leisure time in acquiring practice, gaining knowledge and experience, get used to it.
10. Remember in the end, knowledge is paid, every knowledge is paid.Always.

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