The most paid and most wanted jobs in the world

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You are often wondering if you really do the job you like? Maybe your current job is monotonous and tedious, or insufficiently paid. Take your time away and think more about changing your career.
To change the existing, secure business one should be brave. Once you make a decision about it, the location of your potential new job will not be important either. It seems complicated and demanding, but if you really want to do it, it will not be the least complicated and difficult.
1. Whistleblowers, bloggers and influencers– 3 intermediate phenomena / professions in the 21st century
Whistlers – People who choose to talk about negativity in their midst, who give information to journalists, bloggers, TV stations about some secrets, but want to remain anonymous. This is, most often, a person who has insider information but wants to remain hidden. The whistler is a political category, dating back to ancient Rome.
Bloggers – are the people who, in their blog, are writing ideas on their blog to promote their ideas. Bloggers can be influencers because there are blogs that have an impact on the outside world. Whistlers, influencers and bloggers are intermediate, they can be mixed. Blogger can get whistleblown access to information that is secret, so blogger becomes a influencer.
Influencers are people who promote the latest trends, which may or may not have to be closely related to them.
Bloggers and influencers are social categories born in the 21st century.
2. Flight Controller
The flight controller is among the busiest and most prestigious occupations in the world. They are in charge of unrestricted air traffic. The flight controller in the world is moving over 100,000 euros a year.
3. Protector on the island
This job keeper of the island is interesting and unusual! Your job is to sip delicious cocktails under the palm tree and you are on the island! Peace, silence and enjoyment. The annual salary is up to 40,000 euros.
4. Golf ball collector
This job is well paid. Experienced golfer can earn up to $ 100,000 annually. Your job is to find lost golf balls, in forests or in the shores. Golf is an elite sport. The salary of a golf ball collector is therefore excellent.
5. A Google Street Team member
The Google Street Team is made up of people who like to travel and meet new places and people. Your job is to take a special car or bike through the streets that are being shot by cameras, and these pictures are sent to Google. The annual salary is up to 25,000 euros.
6. Captain of the ship
The captain of the ship is an interest in people who love boats, travel and can be absent from family and home. Captain’s salary is $ around 130,000.
7. Video game tester
This is a job for people who like computer games. Every day you test computer games to make sure everything works properly. A minor potential problem might be what one level would have to play several times. The annual salary is up to 50,000 euros.
8. Private Investigators, Detective
We looked at private investigators on a TV with special caps and large cameras and cameras. In America, he pays $ 100,000 a year.
9. Babysitter
Salaries are different depending on the country where you are looking for this job. If you can find a job in a wealthy neighborhood in the United States, in New York, your annual salary is $ 180,000.
10. Tester of Jack Daniels whiskey
Your job is to drink whiskey. The annual salary is 50,000 euros. Take the road to USA, state of Tennessee. Apply for a job at Jack Daniels.
11. The head of a funeral enterprise
The head of a funeral enterprise is a lucrative and well paid job. The annual salary is $ 140,000.

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