Legends related to the 1. January

1. Babies born on 1.1. will have a lot of happiness throughout their life.
2. Kiss your partner and / or family members, friends when its midnight: The old belief says that when the clock hits midnight, you need to kiss your partner and all the other people you celebrate New Year’s Eve with(family members and close friends). Then, love will be followed throughout the coming year.
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3. Get rid of debts: By 1.1. try to pay all your bills and any short-term debts. or you’ll face with debts/bills through the whole year.
4. Let the table/your plate be full of food and drink: Let your glass be full, and let your plate be full, that you may have abundance in the next year. Also, do not forget to fill the wallet, to have abundant in the new year.
5. Do not throw garbage on January 1st: Do not throw garbage on Jan 1st and don’t bring gifts from your home. If something is entered into your home then things can be out of the home.
6. Lucky Meals: It is considered that lentils, pork and cabbage are lucky foods, while chicken or turkey are unlucky (because luck could wake out with their wings).
7. Useful work on January 1: Although Jan. 1 is mostly a non-working day, still do something on this day and make sure it is as successful and useful as possible for you to succeed and to have a useful next year. Do not wash your clothes on January 1st, because in the coming year a family member will be “opaque” (a dying association).
8. Dress yourself in new clothes: It is believed that if you dress any new piece of clothes, it will bring you well-being and happiness all year round. Put some red in color to have success in love next year.
9. Do not borrow money: Try not to borrow money or return your debts on January 1, so you will not need to pay your debts for the whole year.
10. Try not to break anything January 1: To keep you from falling apart in your life next year. Do not cry, so you will not cry often next year.
11. Open doors and windows: old year goes, and new year is coming.
12. Make the noise: It is believed that the noise is urging evil spirits.


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