What to read in January?

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January is coming, the longest winter month. For anyone who likes to read books, we bring some interesting authors who are perhaps less familiar to us, but whose books are worth reading (if you have not read any already):
1. Salt in the Sea (Bestseller No.1 from the New York Times) -brillant American-Lithuanian writer Ruta Sepetys (www.rutasepetys.com)
 This exciting novel is read in one breath, as we often hear. The action of the novel is located in East Prussian, a part of the world we may have been less able to read and explore. World War II, refugees or migrants, love, sadness, struggle for life, hopes, fears, all this and much more. Humble human stories.
2. Between Shades of Gray – Ruta Sepetys (www.rutasepetys.com)
The Second World War, Stalin’s victims’ life stories, the fearless fight of the heroine Lina for Life, the lives of their family, friends, the cold Siberian. Warm Recommendation: If you are not read this book already, now it is the time.
3. The Room Full of Dreams – Ruta Sepetys (www.rutasepetys.com)
The action of the novel is located in the beautiful American city of New Orleans. Josephine or Josie is 17, though a teenager, bravely struggling and facing criminality and dark secrets, struggling for her own survival, by not losing the ransom of human dignity.
4. The alphabetus house (original Alfabethuset) – the psychological-war thriller of Danish writer Jussi Adler-Olsen (www.jussiadlerolsen.com)
The work of the novel is from the time of World War II. Airplanes of two English pilots of the RAF, Bryan and James are downgraded to the enemy territory. To save their own lives, James and Bryan take the identity of two highly ranked SS officers and be accommodated in a mentally ill hospital in the center of Germany in the vicinity of Freiburg. They are not the only simulants in the hospital.
5. The Other Woman, House of Spies, The Black Widow by Daniel Silva (www.danielsilvabooks.com) – The New York Times Best Selling Author
The title the writer has talks all about his books or himself. Any book you choose will not repent for a moment.

All books are available on http://www.amazon.com.

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