People I admire all my life: Coco Chanel

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Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, all known as Coco Chanel, belongs to a person I admire for all my life. With the 48th anniversary of her death (Coco died on January 10, 1971), I need to write a few facts and my thoughts and views on this excellent woman. Coco has left us a lot in her legacy, of which I’ll just pick up a little black dress (presented by Audrey Hepburn, and wearable in daily and night variants depending on fashion accessories), Chanel No. 5 launched in 1923 (her famous statement is “A woman who does not wear perfume, has no future”), a popular Chanel suits made up of skirt under the knee and a short jacket. Coco also said, “Fashion is a caricature, everything is proportional. Fashion is changing, but style remains “. This innovative fashion designer and pioneer in the world of fashion has been titled “The Queen of Fashion and Fashion Design of the Twentieth Century”, first of all, because she has introduced us simplicity as a base for women’s elegance (her statement is “Ease is the key to every true elegance” and women’s skirts as a standard dress for women. Coco also liked all colors and often talked about colors”The best color in the world is the one that suits you best. If you can not decide which color suits you best, consider black or white colors. Their beauty is absolute. With the addition of red, you will look wonderful. ”
“Get stuck and people will notice clothes, get dressed impeccably, and people remember the woman,” says Coco Chanel.
Coco was born on 19th August 1883 in the French town of Saumur. Her father left the family, so the children grew up and raised by the orphanages and the guardians. 1909 Coco opens the first store with hats. 1910 she moved to the prestigious Paris district of Rue Cambon. Hotel “Ritz” in Paris was her home for over 30 years. Coco wasnever married, though he had a burly and interesting love life. That was her private decision.
Coco died on January 10, 1971, in Lausanne, Switzerland, at the hotel “Ritz”. She was 88. She was taken to the Bois-de-Vaux Cemetery in Lausanne. Her grave is surrounded by 5 stone lions.
The musical about this designer was made on film and theater, where Catherine Hepburn interprets the role of Coco. Karl Lagerfield is the current president of the Chanel fashion house.
Coco was really innovative, special, and different. Her famous saying is also, “To be irreplaceable, you have to be different. And, emphasize self-confidence, because a woman should be what she wants. ”
In the drama / romantic film “Coco before Chanel” by French director Anne Fontaine (recorded in 2009, the original name of the movie is „Coco avant Chanel“), the main role of Coco Chanel plays beautiful Audrey Tautou. At 1h and 52 minutes as the movie lasts, you will enjoy and find the inspiration of this powerful and exquisite woman.

Thank you, Madame Coco, for everything you have left us and for everything you have learned us. Dear Coco, rest in peace.

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