8 books whose authors write about books, reading and/or libraries

During the long winter months, the best thing to do when you’re free, is to read some good book. If the book is about books or libraries, it becomes even more interesting. There are many literary works whose themes are dealing with books, reading, libraries or journalism written so far. Every work is unusual for itself, everyone deals with “books” in this or that way. Among the great number of book titles, we only introduce you some.
1. Umberto Eco: The name of the Rose
Historical work by Umberto Eco, in which this famous Italian writer, semiotic and aesthetist reconstructs the mysterious story of Adson from Melk, six centuries old. Eco is used in a crimson story of searching for the lost book „Poetics“ from Aristotel and the fictitious scripture of the abbot of Adson from Melk. It smelts in the fourteenth century, into the area of the Benedictine Abbey with its vast library. The monk investigates a series of murders associated with the monastery library and attempts to renew the library with the remnants of books that survived the fire, and these remains create meaning. His relationship with the library is his attitude toward knowledge.
umberto eco
2. Markus Zusak: Book thief
The action is placed in the period of the Second World War, and the story tells us personally by Death herself. She is cynical, compassionate and inevitable. The main character of the novel is adopted by a nine-year-old girl, Liesel, who has been followed by her first theft of Death. When Liesel’s younger brother dies, Liesel on his grave finds a book she will learn to read later on and that will change her life. The horrible war Liesel survives by stealing books, reading them, and then borrowing them to her neighbors. She also writes her own book, which, in the end, saves life. Stolen books form the basis of a novel, to which hot, life stories about people are being upgraded, leading to small personal wars with growing up, nacification, loyalty and loss.
book thief
3. Glen Cooper: The Library of the Dead, the Book of Dead Souls, and The Keepers of the Library
Each of books by Glen Cooper can be read separately, though the author in each book writes about events from previous books if they are essential to the work of that book. The main character of the novel “The Library of the Dead” is Will Piper, a retired detective. The story follows Piper’s case study of a serial killer, who has committed six murders in two weeks. Will will be joined by the young agent Nancy Lipinski in the investigation, and they come together to trace secrets, which is linked to the underground bookshop of the 8th century Abbey. However, the selected group is ready to give life to preserve it. In The Book of Dead Souls, the future of mankind depends on the secret hidden in the pages of a book. A book from the dead library was missing. The main hero Will Piper, hoping to help the dying ex-librarian and prevent government manipulation, finds himself in the midst of the powerful, who do not choose the means to preserve the greatest secret of mankind. In the third book The Keepers of the Library, the work was set up in 2027, where the author combines historical data and modern technology. The theme of the third book is an ancient library from Vectis. Cooper also joined his own imagination, historical research with great historical figures, such as Nostradamus, Shakespeare, etc. It is a recommendation to read all three books because all are related thematically, with the great hero Will Piper and chronologically.
the keepers
4. Robin Sloan: The Secret Bookstore of Mr. Penumbre
Books, e-readers, bookstores, digital police – everything is at the heart of this exciting novel. Clay Jannon, due to the recession, remains out of the job of web site designers, and is spending the days reading books and looking for work. Soon there is work in the “Tajvanit Bookstore” as a night book publisher. Quickly, Clay realizes that the name corresponds entirely to the nature of the customer and the bookstore itself, as only a few regular visitors, who do not buy anything, could not keep a bookstore alive. Through the novel we observe the conflict between the old and the new, the Gutenberg time and the time of the digital age will be intertwined, and finally we will follow the adventures of the main figure, in the research of the secrets that the bookstore is hiding.
5. Carlos Ruiz Zafón: The Shadow of the Wind
A 10-year-old boy Daniel along with his father go to the antique book-store to visit “The Graveyard of Forgotten Books” – a secret baroque bookstore where forgotten and forbidden books are kept. There Daniel chooses a book with the obligation that by reading it, but also with subsequent care, he will save it from oblivion. Daniel selects Wind Shadow, a novel by unknown writer Julian Carax, the only existing copy. The story is so crowded that he decides to do other Carax works and to explore his biography. He finds that all the other copies of this novel, as well as the rest of Carax’s works, have been mysteriously burnt in recent years. In the next ten years, Daniel’s life is intertwined with the fate of an unknown writer, and will bring forth a series of secrets, dangers, spoiled love, missed friendships, betrayal, murder and revenge.
6. Ray Bradbury: Fahrenheit 451
Fahrenheit 451 is set in the future, in which the literature and all original thoughts are on the verge of extermination. Guy Montag is a firefighter whose job is to burn printed books as well as a house where they are hidden. But when his wife executes suicide, and when the young neighbor, who has met him reading, disappears, Guy begins to pile books in his home.
7. Nina George: The Little Paris bookshop
This international bestseller tells the story of the owner of a ship bookstore in Paris, Mr. Jean Perdu, who knows every book (sold on his ship-bookstore) in the soul. His life is sad and painful, for neither with the help of his many books he can not understand why the beautiful Manon of Provence left him 21 years ago. She only left a letter, but Jean had never read it until that summer, which would change his life completely.
nina george

8. Umberto Eco: Number Zero
Umberto Eco’s latest thriller is not about books, but about journalism as a “Taboo” theme in the 90s of the 20th century. A well-written novel you will read in one breath. The novelty of the novel is the death of Mussolini followed by the beautiful love story of a girl who works in the editorial office of this magazine and the main hero, a writer from a shadow and an unresolved journalist of the editorial office. With his famous irony and metaphors, Umberto Eco has given us another gem of his writing creativity.

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    You are very welcome, my dear friend. Yes, The Little Paris Bookshop is very nice and worth reading book and you will return to this book over and over again. All other books are worthy of reading, as well.

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