Do you know what „Sarajevo’s circle“ means?

If you visiting Sarajevo and having some extra free time, you can pay a visit to three religious places in Sarajevo (located in circle), where you can donate some money, and help in feeding people in need/homelesses,…etc.
It is also kind and nice from you, if you visit any of those objects, but the best is to visit all three of them. You can make a wish (if you want) and start your small/free/humanitarian tour in Baščaršija, the old part of Sarajevo.
This is called „Sarajevo’s circle“ and since all three religious objects are located in the old part of the town, it will take you a half of an hour (maximum) to walk and visit all three objects. It is reccommended that you keep some small/coins money in your pocket, and be prepared for all places. Also, when visiting „Turbe seven brothers“, it is reccommended that you have and give the same amount of the money to each of the brother.
Those three religious objects are Turbe seven brothers (Jedileri) , „Sv. Ante Padovanski“ Franciscan Church/Monastery (Franjevačka 6 Street) and the Old Orthodox Church (Mula Mustafe Bašeskije 59 Street) in Sarajevo. For instance, you can start walking tour by visiting Turbe Seven brothers, then continue your walk to the Chatholic Church „Sv. Ante Padovanski“ Franciscan Church/Monastery“, then go back across some of the bridges over the river Miljacka, and continue to the Old Orthodox Church and your „Sarajevo’s circle“ is over here. After this small walking tour, you will still be in the old part of the town (Baščaršija), where you can continue and visit what you want according to your needs/wishes.
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Photo: Turbe Seven brothers

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