Free Croatian/Serbian/Bosnian course/training (Online)

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NOTE: For English speaking students
Would you like to learn Croatian/Serbian/Bosnian language or to improve your existing knowledge?
I am providing Online Croatian/Serbian/Bosnian lessons to students/scholars/ people all over the world via Skype-GRATIS.
My basic requirements (from any potential student):
1. Laptop/PC, headset, and webcam
2. Good internet connection (Download and Upload at least 2 Mbps)
3. Quiet environment with minimal to zero background noises
4. Your flexibility upon arranging lessons
I am offering (to any potential student):
1. Native command of Croatian/Serbian/bosnian language and good command of English, pedagogical knowledge, tutorial experience.
2. Trainings, lessons and any online support specially in the beginning as well as in the whole process of teaching/tutoring-GRATIS (free of charge).
3. Flexible schedule-open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The working schedule is entirely up to our friendly arrangements. There are no limits to maximum working hours.
4. Flexible working location- lessons will be online, so your location does not matter. You only need a quiet environment and internet connection wherever you are.
5. There are no limitation to the number of lessons-all lessons will be free of charge to all students.
6. Professional and international environment.
Please apply via email address (once you apply, we will arrange Date/Timing of future lessons):
Dear „potential“ students,
If you do not know any word in Croatian/Serbian/Bosnian (but You are ready to start learning from the very beginning, Please do not worry, because my patiente is endless.
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