Unusual symbols of the city of Sarajevo: Sarajevo ducks

You can see ducks on the River Miljacka in Sarajevo all year round. They became a kind of city symbol. Ducks do not bother anyone. They’re always there. They can be seen in the same number, either in summer or winter. A recognizable variety of rumpled feathers and sounds that they produce by gagging. Sarajevo residents, casual passers, tourists and children love them and feed them. Often you can see people throwing their bread or various rolls from Sarajevo bridges. Ducks are adaptable. They eat everything they find, water and land plants, various grasses, leaves and water insects.
2018-02-10 07.54.05

2018-02-10 07.54.10
2018-02-10 07.54.20
Interestingly, there was no ducks at all in Sarajevo before the war started in 1992. They just appeared during the war (1992-1995). And stayed. They do not even moving south. These special bird species are often called floats. They float like a sailboat, so the name “float” appeared. Females are recognized by neutral feather colors, while males have vibrant colors. In order to reduce the possibility of flooding, several waterfalls on the river Miljacki were made every 100 to 200 meters. Ducks usually gather at waterfalls, and they are fed under waterfalls.
2018-02-10 07.54.24

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