Useful outdoor activities in the cold winter time

Note: for those living under cold winter conditions
We all like winter, snow, winter sports, cold weather. We can also adopt ourselves very fast and easy specially if we used to live all our life under winter conditions.
But, please keep in mind that during the winter time of the year, life becomes more difficult, specially for animals, birds, homeless people,migrants.
2015-01-02 10.23.07

There are some advices what can you do when you’re free and how can you help:
1. Feed street animals- there can be find a lot of street animals (dogs, cats,…etc.) in almost all places allover the world. People love animals, but in case they can not afford them anymore, usually they let them go out. Those once called „pats“ sudenly becoming a street animals. In case, you see them around, always buy a can or have some food in pocket. Pat canned food is very affordable and there is always some „left-overs“ from meals. You can do this activity along your way to work, for example.
2. Feed birds- pidgeons, sparrows, crows, all other birds can be also find everywhere. All they need is some bread, bread crunches, left-overs from any meals,..some food. Please, keep in mind, they do not have hands. Birds can eat only if we (humans) feed them. You can do this activity along your way to work,for example.2017-03-30 10.39.28
3. Donate some food to Humanitarian Organisations- If you have any possibility, please donate some food to any Humanitarian organisation (Caritas, Islamic Relief, Red Cross, ….etc.). They all having kitchens and making meals for homeless. Please, keep in mind, anything can happen to anyone (of us). Many homeless people (or migrants) were having great life, but due to life’s circumstances, they became homeless.
4. Donate small items/products (from your home which you’ll not need anymore)- there is always vendors, street vendors and many times, you can see older people do this job. They have pension or some income but it is not enough for them (to support themselves with food, medicaments, monthly payments,..etc.), so they are forced to go out and sell stuff (they have, get or find somewhere). In case, you have extra items at home, or product you’ll not use anymore, you can always donate it to them.They will be more than grateful to you, because this means „another per diem“ for them.
Always keep in mind that small thing (to you)- can be a great thing to somebody.

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