You have a weaker hearing-try these homemade drugs out from your kitchen

2017-08-12 07.52.00
If you have a weaker hearing-try these homemade drugs out from your kitchen:

Hearing impairment is caused by ear trauma, infection, or genetically caused. The most common cause of hearing loss is daily noise. Noisy or noisy environment causes micro hearing impairment. After a couple of years, he has a worsening hearing. Natural remedies are very effective, and will help you to hear better.

1. Use combinations of cinnamon and honey
Make a mixture of cinnamon and honey, and use it twice daily, in the morning and before bedtime.
2. Green tea and red wine
One glass of black wine is healthy for the heart, mood and immunity. Antioxidants protect the hair in the inner ear, thus protecting your ear from external influences. Green tea has the same effect on the ear as wine.
3. Make domestic white caps
The white onion is the best natural remedy and antibiotic. Used for all illnesses. Lightly fry white onion and olive oil. Drain all liquid from the white port and pour oil. Each day, drop 3 to 4 drops in the ear. After tearing, close your ear with cotton or cotton cloth.

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