6 life truths about money

2018-04-19 04.34.16
1.If earned money will love your house, the day you get a salary (or a fee) you should not spend any money. The whole amount should be placed at home. Some wizards of life wisdom say that (if you are able to) guard the big (ie, the richest banknote you have) note at home for a year, which will, as the wizards say, fill your energy and start attracting money to the house.
2. Money will not be in your house if you whistle in the house, clean the bread crunches with your hands from the table. You should not borrow a bread or salt to your neighbor because security (in money) can then leave your house and go to the other. To have the money in the house, set it upside down (handle downwards). You’re looking for a salary rise only on Wednesday during the day.
3. Do not borrow from other coins on Monday, do not borrow money on Tuesdays and do not return your debt on Friday. Give and borrow money in the morning, because any money operations in the evening will lead to ruin. Try not to ask for a loan, and often give (if you can) because you are programming the money to return to your home.
4. Load the clothes you put in the closet (out of season) with tiny notes (paper if you can). The money does not like the stuffed pockets and the dull button. Never hold the wallet empty, let alone a coin. All money must be turned to your boss (to you). Keep the smallest banknote bent in the triangle in the smallest partition.
5. Also, hold a “lucky banknote” in the wallet (the first earned, obtained from a dear person or obtained from a successful person). Do not waste this bill – it’s the security gap. Otherwise, money will not come to the house.
6. Money earned by gambling or games of chance, money earned in a dishonest manner or blubber does not bring happiness and therefore should not be kept in the wallet. Quickly spend it or share it with the poor.
After reading these tips, you probably think that money is easy to lose, but it’s easy to attract it to yourself. To avoid losing money, adhere to the proposed rules. Also, to attract money, share these tips with your friends and make them happy. The money will go to you.

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