February is known as the “watery month”

2017-06-17 10.53.18
The month of love and St. Valentine’s Day is certainly an interesting month. February is the time of year when many carnivals are held. During the month of February cats love and steam. It is a time when nature is slowly awakening from the winter dream, and ending with a lot of winter sales.
February is in Croatian language called “Veljača”. This is the second month of the year, counting on the Gregorian and Julian calendar. It has the smallest number of days only 28, and every fourth year has 29 days (default years).
The folk expression for the month of February is a watery month (short, tricky and hesitant), because snow melts and creates watery rafters. The narrative proverb says “water worn all fast”. February is a positive month since it comes after January, which is the longest and for many people the most challenging/depressive month of the year.
Scientists believe that February is the worst month for a dream. We need 8 minutes to fall asleep longer than in the other months. That is why 68% of people have less energy in February, 28% of people are depressed. Women are affected especially by lack of sleep and bad mood. For the worse mood it is best to treat it in natural ways. Walking is the simplest way to treat depression, conversations with positive and optimistic people. Reading a good book, humanitarian work or volunteering in some association, helping the elderly.

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