10 Reasons Why You Need To Own Your Own Blog?

2016-06-25 06.58.09

1. Blog is the fastest and easiest channel for communication. Blogs are a very powerful advocacy tool. On your blog you can name those who do not work or praise those who are actively doing their job.
2. Writing blog postings can be about living creatures and non-living things. Those posts will help someone, but some of them will not help anyone. Always make sure that by writing articles, you will not hurt anybody.
3. Be responsible and aware of your consequences for your articles.
4. Blog takes away your time and energy, so make sure every article has some meaning.
5. Blog posts in short-term does not make a profit, but with great effort and your long-term commitment you can make a profit.
6. With personal articles and advertisements, you can place and sell your own product / skills.
7. For beginners it is important that they do not expect success immediately (overnight). Only after a while and a lot of work one can succeed.
8. With your article, you promote people, places / songs / movies / products by using YouTube, Google+, Google Tools … etc.
9. You meet new people, bloggers, spread interest. In this way, you gain self-confidence and perhaps the opportunity for a new job / start.
10. The blog is a medium. Each media has its own readers / viewers. If you like reading / writing then, the blog is just for you.

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