10 interesting facts about Chicago

1. An American writer and producer Sidney Sheldon (born Schechtel) was born in Chicago on the 11th February 1917. He was bestselling author and television scriptwriter. He began writing as a youngster and at the age of ten he made his first sale of a poem for $10. During the Depression, he worked at a variety of jobs and while attending Northwestern University he contributed short plays to drama groups. At seventeen, he decided to try his luck in Hollywood. He attended Northwestern University.
2. Capone’s parents immigrated to the United States from Naples in 1893. Al, the fourth of nine children, grew up in Brooklyn, New York. Alphonse Gabriel “Al” Capone rose to infamy as a gangster in Chicago during the 1920s and early 1930s.
3. Chicago is after New York and Los Angeles the third largest city in the United States. According to the 2006 estimate, there were 2,833,321 inhabitants. Chicago is the fourth largest city in the North American continent and the seventh largest city in the Western Hemisphere.
4. Chicago is the skyscraper town. It is a financial, industrial, cultural, sports, shopping, tourist-hospitality and educational city in the United States of America.chicago 2
5. Most people probably still remember Al Bundi and his family from the ultra-popular TV series “Married Waters” that has been having fun for us for years. Those who remember, the https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c1bqvw4_eTc series is shot right here.
6. The Bean or Cloud Gate is the main sculpture in the city reflecting the skyscrapers of the city. It has a bean shape. The trouble is enormous. Great place to play with reflection and use your camera.
7. John Hancock Building – A Lookout- The building has one hundred floors and a height of 344 meters. This is the fourth tallest building in Chicago. The tallest building is Willis Tower. This building is having one interesting thing, which is so called Tilt – Several windows tilt 30 degrees out of the building as you stand in that window and you feel like you’re going to fall from the building! Here you can enjoy a beautiful view of Lake Michigan.
8. Millenium Park- In the center of this park there is a large pavilion with stage and meadow where concerts are held. Here you can make a mini picnic and enjoy the music.
9. Fountain Crown- Two 15-meter high walls are made of glass cigars with LED lights that create video views of different faces. Between these “walls” there is a swimming pool in which the left water flows from these walls.
10. Route 66 Start/begin in Chicago- The center of Chicago is home to the legendary road Route 66.lake michigen
P.S. If you have an extra day, please visit various locations from famous series and movies. „Home alone“ was shot here. You can also walk through the famous „Street of the fringes“ and maybe meet Freddy Krueger.
Photos: Eldina Bico (private collection)

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