In real life-NEVER WAIT

2017-07-06 11.16.34
1. Life is happening right away or you just have dreams of it. So do not ever wait. Something is right now or will never be. Whether it’s a question of love, friendship, help, sales, meeting.
2. It’s nice to dream, but everything you dream about-DO NOT last or at least is delayed.
3. When you start letting your dream / goal-be concrete, precise, clear. Use language of action, do active work, ask questions.
4. When on the question you have no answer-run away. Unquestionably creates a “prison”, it makes you “loose”, who bends.
5. Waiting is a subtle type of manipulation.
6. Those who want to help you-will help you right now (without waiting), who fix your problems-will do it right now without waiting, who love you-will show love right away and will come immediately-without waiting. All that matters is that it happens to you when you want it to happen-it is going fast and efficiently.
7. When you knock on the door and the door does not open, just change the door. Do not stop knocking.

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