Tourist destination: Berchtesgaden National Park, Germany

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Germany’s tourist offer abounds in nature and interesting landscapes. Many landscapes are almost unexplored and intact. The variety and uniqueness of flora and fauna offer unparalleled nature experiences
You can visit Germany throughout the year. There are 16 national parks of marvelous beauty, 15 UNESCO World Heritage Biosphere Reserves and over 100 nature parks. Germany has 30 medium bodies, 350 islands and forest areas on one-third of the state’s surface, and a wide range of adventurous activities in the countryside – 200,000 km of marked hiking trails, including 500 high-profile hiking trails. There are over 100 high-quality trails and bicycle routes of total length of 70,000 km. Potential tourists in Germany can experience a wonderful vacation in the adjoining environment.
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The Berchtesgaden National Park is one of the favorite tourist destinations. It belongs to the oldest protected Alpine areas. It is located in southern Bavaria. This park is characterized by a unique part of the Berchtesgaden Alps with its fabulous hills, unsurpassed hiking trails, lakes and forests. Whether you are traveling alone or in a group, you will be delighted with this paradise landscape, the richness of rocks, karst, alpine plains, elevations, and green-covered areas. The Königssee is located between the mountain massif Watzmann, the plateau Steinernes Meer and the mountain mass of Hagengebirge. Drinking water from the lake is of exceptional quality.
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Also, the animal world fits perfectly into the diversity of the Berchtesgaden landscape. In free hunting areas, with little luck you can see alpine species: gooseberry, wormwood, eagle, mountain hare and alpine hare, and endangered species of succulent eagle. Variety of plants is a part of nature, you can find lard, alpine jagged and alpine roses.
The Berchtesgaden National Park offers a rich tour program and various activities (hiking, hiking and skiing). Visitors are the favorite Jennerbahn cable car. The cable car leads to the border of the national park at an altitude of 1800 meters. There are also other interesting attractions: the Berchtesgaden salt mine, the Watzmann spa, the Berchtesgaden castle, the ice cave Marktschellenberg, the Documentation Obersalzberg museum and the Kehlsteinhaus. For lovers of cuisine and good food, there is a large number of accommodations and hiking lodges.
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