5 best drinking water manufacturers from Bosnia and Herzegovina

ella 2
1. Tešanjski dijamant, Tešanj (www.dijamant.ba)- won the 4th place in the category of acidic mineral water at the prestigious water fair in Berkeley Springs, Virginia (USA) 2014. This was a 25th annual event, with more than 100 waters worldwide. Canadian Clearbrook was the best natural water source. In the United States, the best water is Santa Ana.
In the category of bottled water, the gold medal was won by Castle Rock from Canada. In this category, the fourth was the Water Element from Vrnjacka Banja in Serbia.
In the category of acidic mineral waters, the first place was the Canadian mineral water Gold Sparkling. The best packaging of water is the Korean manufacturer Hallasu.
From this company, they announce the export to the market of the entire Arabian Gulf.slika 1
2. Ella is a natural source of water. The manufacturer is Milkos from Sarajevo. Water Ella fills from the source Vilenac in Blessing in glass packaging 0.2l and 0.75l, and in PET packaging 0.33l. 0,5l. 1.5l I 5.0l. In his words, it is a borehole where a lot of time, effort and money have been invested, and all legal procedures have been respected. It is also noted that all hydrogeological analyzes and tests of land, rock and water have been carried out, and the wells are equipped with the highest quality materials. The water is crushed at a depth of 250 meters and, coming up to the surface, passes through a range of different rocks that filter the water and give it extra mineral value, which puts it in a row of top quality water. The source is very generous and has a large capacity Water that meets our requirements and needs. http://www.milkos.baella
3. Sarajevski kiseljak, Kiseljak (https://sarajevski-kiseljak.com )- Kiseljak is mineral water that runs in Kiseljak in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is believed that the town of Kiseljak was named after the acidic water flowing there.kiseljak

4. Oaza – natural spring water (www.oaza.ba) – the natural elixir of health, life and youth – Source The Black Peak is a source near Tešnja, a true oasis of peace and natural resources. Water Oaza is a natural spring water that drains from a depth of about 100 m and naturally filters through the impermeable layers of mineral rocks. Such water is without any contact with the external contaminants filled in bottles, and the first contact with the outside world is at the very first opening of the bottle.
Oaza is a story of persistence, strength … Water always finds its way, so Oaza has found its own. Many innovations, investment in technological processes, marketing and campaigns have become one of the most recognizable waters in the world.slika 4

5. Water Lejla (Sarajevska pivara, Sarajevo) http://www.lejla.ba-Lejla Natural spring water is of exceptionally stable quality, has a constant, unchanged and balanced mineral ratio. It has a beneficial effect on the human body.lejla

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