5 best female magazines from Bosnia and Herzegovina

slika 3
Women always enjoy in reading any magazine. It does not matter if any of those magazine talks about hair, hair styles, clothes, fashion, health, celebs or any other topic, women just enjoy at least watching at them, discovering a new stories, advices.
Here is the list of 5 best women’s magazines from Bosnia and Herzegovina:
1. Ljepota i zdravlje (English version:Beauty and Health)-Monthly Magazine for All Generations. It features tips, recipes, great photos. Price 3 KM (1.5 €)www.ljepotaizdravlje.ba slika 1
2. Gracija lifestyle magazine- outputs 2x per month. An interesting magazine for women and men. Great tips, photos, interviews with well-known people, travelogues, introducing unconventional people, small producers. Price 2,5 KM (1,25 €). http://www.gracija.ba slika 2
3. LadiesIN- outputs 2x per month. The first lifestyle magazine for a businesswoman. A women’s magazine full of interesting articles with great photos. Tips, ideas for new jobs, interviews with well-known and lesser known personalities, various interesting things. It comes 2x a month since 2017. Price 3 KM (1.5 €)www.ladiesin.ba slika 3
4. Urban Magazine for Women and Men. Music, film, theater, literature, visual arts, interviews, photogallery, fashion and beauty. In short all the topics that would equally affect women and men. Outputs 2x per month. Price 3 KM (1.5 €)  https://www.urbanmagazin.ba/ slika 4
5. Azra-a great female journal. Outputs 2x per month. Fashion, beauty, recipes, promo articles, horoscope, all in one place. Price 3 KM (1.5 €) http://www.azra.ba
slika 5

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