People I admire: Jacques Paul Klein (my ex Boss)

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Jacques Paul Klein (81 years old) – a retired American General and diplomat, former deputy of The High Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina (1998) and The Head of the UN Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the Republic of Croatia, he spent a peaceful reintegration of the Croatian region of Podunavlje, Vukovar and Baranja without a single fired bullet, while in Bosnia and Herzegovina, he worked on police and army reforms. The Gentleman who always radiates with incredible determination, and with a rare eloquence. Mr Klein is an honorary citizen of Osijek in Croatia since 2013, and the town of Vukovar.
He has built his professional and military career around the world for many years and always achieved excellent results.
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“For the future of Bosnia and Herzegovina,” Klein said, “there will be no problem or obstacle if instead of religion, national affiliation and beliefs, the economy is in the first place”, further emphasized, “Bosnia and Herzegovina could have a nice future if will be decorated according to the model of Switzerland. ”
This remarkable man, always extremely honest and friendly, was my boss in 1998-1999 at the Office of the High Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina (better known as OHR).
General Klein, I wish you a lot of luck, and nice and peaceful retirement days, together with your family. Thank you for all the advice, nice gestures and words, and the moments you gave me. I will always remember you, until I live.

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