You have a painful knee, here’s what you need to do …

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The two largest hocks in the human body are the hip and knees. The knees are sensitive to rotation movements because they are used for bending and sprinkling.
Nowadays people, regardless of their age, often complain of knee pain. There are acute and chronic pains.
1. Acute knee pains occur after a fall, stroke, large joint wound. Common bruising occurs after a couple of days and all the pain passes quickly, while severe internal structure injuries cause long lasting instability. It causes sudden halting (when we move), change of direction or the effect of external force, crossed ligaments firing. The internal meniscus is susceptible to injuries.
2. Chronic pain is caused by arthritis or reumo-arthritis. There are meteoropathic pain, pain during puberty, pain as a result of elderly pain, dislocated static knee due to improper posture or excessive weight, inactivity or excessive pain.
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1. Use cabbage leaf and wrapping your knees. Place a cotton cloth over them. Keep it overnight. Repeat the procedure as often as the pain does not disappear.
2. Shoe lace contains Mercury (latin:Hydrargyrum). Brush your knees with the shoe polish and put a cotton cloth over it. Repeat the procedure until the pain disappears.
3. If the pain is severe and never stops, seek help from a doctor, who will refer you to the rheumatologist, to the knee by ultrasound or magnetic resonance imaging.

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